Smart Water

Our clients operate in complex urban environments and seek smart water solutions to optimise their water management, from harnessing water as a resource in the water and waste water sector to building flood resilient cities. We provide smart and digital solutions that help our clients do just that.

Smart water in cities

Through our digital experience and expertise, we help clients with tailored technological solutions for water and waste water in cities. Our technology is the fruit of a network of experts within our company as well as with external partners who develop, design and implement smart, innovative solutions. Our solutions and software implementations are designed with a deep knowledge of water and its impact in urban areas. We work closely with operators in their decision making, performance management improvement and process optimisation.

Flood resilience in urban areas

Floods and extreme weather pose a threat to human life, critical infrastructure and business operations especially in complex supply and distribution chains and high-density urban environments. Our flood resilient solutions cover the whole spectrum from adaptation to prevention and include early warning systems using smart, interactive tools and analyses, and flood protection schemes to safeguard people and valuable assets. From assessment through to solution, we draw on a network of deep ‘smarts’ specialised in an understanding of the physics, social environment and stakeholders involved. We translate this into the real world with an eye on prevention of loss of lives, avoiding societal disruption and safeguarding economic growth.