Well-functioning infrastructure helps societies thrive and individuals prosper. Getting the infrastructure right extends benefits far beyond the functional. Smart planning, novel technologies and stakeholder management – together with our integrated engineering approaches – are achieving multiple goals and delivering wider societal benefit. Innovation is at the core of our business. From deploying the latest digital tools to designing cutting edge solutions for our roads, bridges and rail, to developing new innovative services such as Flowtack to optimise traffic flows, we’re pushing the frontiers of infrastructure and mobility design to drive sustainability and enhance society – both now and in the future.

Tunnels and underground structures

Intensive road use is one cause of worsening traffic congestion but, in many cities, there is simply no space to build more roads. In today’s busy cities and ports, tunnels and underground structures can make all the difference in connecting communities and boosting accessibility. Through our joint venture, TEC (Tunnel Engineering Consultants), we are the global leader in soft ground tunnelling. We have a strong track record demonstrating our expertise in immersed tunnels. Our integrated approach means we deliver for clients at every stage, from tunnel design and construction right through to risk management and safety analysis.