Close partnerships with our food and beverage, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical and automotive clients are delivering solutions that are transforming industry through innovation. Many of our industrial clients share a common objective: to produce high quality goods efficiently. We develop digital solutions that are predictive for maintenance and create adaptive environments for more reliable, sustainable, compliant and efficient operations. Our multidisciplinary support ranges from feasibility studies to full engineering, procurement and construction management services that enhance performance and minimise environmental impact for new sites and repurposed industrial assets.

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Consumer goods

The voice of the consumer has never been stronger in our clients’ decision-making process. Our Consumer Goods service for breweries, food and beverage and industrial, consumer and pharmaceutical goods supports manufacturers in proactively and effectively responding to changing consumer demands. Whether in existing or new sites, clients benefit from our practical knowledge and expertise for efficient production and increased flexibility. Together we develop high-performance, multi-purpose sites and place technology, automation, access and connectivity at the forefront of every project.