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Welcome to our 2018 Annual Review. It describes how our clients are benefitting from our commitment to accelerate change and innovation and how we are delivering real impact for stakeholders.

As concern mounts over accelerating impact of climate change, scarcity of resources and the urgent need for energy transition,organisations are increasingly seeking holistic solutions that go beyond individual, stand-alone gestures. Our multi-disciplinaryb xpertise and long-established commitment to Enhance Society Together make our business relevant and focused as we deliver distinctive new services and solutions to meet these challenging demands.

In 2018, we focused on driving growth by investing in our people, partnerships, innovation, digital ways of working, in our globally leading services and in new innovative services.

Erik Oostwegel, CEO Royal HaskoningDHV

A good example is BlueLabel®, a powerful new tool providing detailed flood risk insight for governments, organisations and individuals to more effectively target measures to mitigate flood damage risks. We are benefitting from our focus on the energy transition, in areas from policy setting to the engineering and design of solutions. Our Nereda® water treatment technology is being embraced in China and we support our industrial clients across Africa and Asia in responding to consumer demand created by the growing middle class. Our footprint is truly global.

We continue to realise ground-breaking projects, like the opening of the world’s longest sea bridge and tunnel combination, connecting Hong Kong to Macau. Our innovative tunnelling methods contributed to the success of Amsterdam’s new metro, described as one of the most challenging infrastructure projects in Dutch history.

Inspiration and innovation has many sources. We were delighted to win an Innovative Engineering Award in Singapore for our engineering design of a land reclamation project. Our meticulously researched approach draws on a 400-year-old Dutch engineering method which requires much less sand and saves on upfront construction costs.

Just as inspiring are the advanced solutions we are delivering for clients through the digital transformation of our services. We are making connections between the digital and the physical world to deliver better solutions faster. Fundamental to all we have achieved is the enthusiasm and drive of our people within a culture of innovation and co-creation.

Just two years into our strategy and our progress is solid. Market trends are positive, we have clients who need us, we have the right processes in place and we have a great team. We look forward to making the most of 2019, continuing our mission to Enhance Society Together.