Regional strategies

To boost socio-economic development in a sustainable and cost effective way, governments are increasingly drafting regional economic plans. The challenge is to identify economic growth potential and opportunities for regeneration, while simultaneously improving the social and environmental situation for the long term.

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Our master plans become the starting point for large scale governmental and private investments. These might be in infrastructure or socio-economic facilities such as education and healthcare. We help optimise the effectiveness of these investments. Successful implementation rests on involving professional stakeholders throughout the planning process, as well as representatives of the local community.

For an urban project of any scale or complexity, Royal HaskoningDHV has the expertise and experience to drive success. In short, the NDD philosophy promotes the utilisation of natural processes in areas where normally traditional design and building methods are used. This should lead to solutions that are greener, more sustainable and cost effective. A solution in which the society, ecology and economy all benefit.

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The range of application is wide, from deltaic, coastal and riverine areas to urban developments and rural environments. In the first, coastal management issues, harbour development, land reclamations and large infrastructure projects play a role. Focus projects in this respect are, amongst others, sand engines, green embankments, ecological dredging pits, wetland restoration and the development of natural lines of protection. In the urban environments, focus lies more on ecocities (greener, heat resistant, sustainable cities) and natural water treatment systems.

Examples in the rural environment are, amongst others, natural climate buffers and watershed restorations. For several years, Royal HaskoningDHV has been working on projects in which the NDD philosophy is used and in which we have strived to continuously look for alternative, nature friendly solutions. In the future, we intend to work with this philosophy even more as we truly believe in the vision of using the power of natural forces and resources to create sustainable solutions.