Harnessing the power op IoT

Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digitisation have the power to revolutionise your business. Yet how do you harness this potential, so that it improves the performance, productivity and profitability of your industrial assets? And how can you achieve this without disruption, while improving reliability and optimising maintenance and investment costs? The secret lays in intelligent engineering.

Data-driven engineering solutions for performance-based asset management
Unplanned downtime is a challenge for almost every industrial business. Each hour of lost production erodes your margins, affects your delivery schedules, increases safety, health and environmental risks and damages your reputation.

The maintenance and updating of core and enabling assets requires CAPEX and OPEX investment; these investments are almost always concentrated on the maintenance, upgrading and management of primary units. Currently, the focus for most companies is on their primary production infrastructure. As a result, enabling assets are often overlooked. Water and wastewater systems, for example, are rarely fully optimised for peak performance, energy efficiency or effectiveness.

Yet, when these enabling assets fail, your production process slows down or stops. The majority of these failures can be prevented. This is where we step in. We work with engineers and asset managers and data scientists to identify and analyse the most important data sets and create customised solutions that allow you to manage your enabling assets proactively, increasing uptime, extending operating life and optimising functionality. This proactive management results in a reduction of maintenance and investment costs for the enabling assets and, just as importantly, ensures compliance and improvements in the performance of the primary production units.

Intelligent engineering with our digital twin

Our innovative digital twin approach – essentially a representation of your production infrastructure – creates the opportunity to test the proposed use of, or changes to, your enabling assets and to plot the impact that these might have on operational efficiency.

The creation of a digital twin before work commences gives you the knowledge to design the best solution for your particular application, with data modelling allowing you to continuously improve operational efficiency and cost using the most effective technologies. A digital twin leads to improved system design and efficiency, greater uptime, and reduced energy and operating costs.

With over a century of experience in engineering and managing enabling industrial assets, backed by an in-depth knowledge of data science and digital twin due to the acquisition of IT companies like Lanner and Ynformed, we are able to implement solutions that add real value to your business.

Future-proof your business

At Royal HaskoningDHV, we partner with specialists to help you create a resilient, agile and future-proof business. We combine engineering knowledge, data science and strategic financial, operational and IoT partnerships, to enhance the efficiency, functionality and reliability of the enabling assets that are vital to your manufacturing operations.

We can finance and maintain your enabling assets, allowing you to deploy capital and resources to your primary production assets, and offer dedicated skills in system integration, IoT, data science and predictive simulation and modelling to drive continuous improvements across your enabling assets. Our approach makes it easy to monitor and control the current status of enabling assets, and to gain insight that allows KPI’s and SLA’s to be defined for each machine or system.